Sunday, 5 May 2013

Awful to Awesome - Special Introductory offer

Hallo everybody!

This is self publishing at its BEST!

This offer will only be valid for a few days for all you special people out there!

Awful to Awesome
@ $ 9.50

This is what my wonderful amazing friend "C" had to say about "Awful to Awesome:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. You ARE awesome!! Beyond any doubt!!
This book is sure to strike a familiar chord with anyone who has suffered with bipolar disorder. Your journey is an inspiration to all who are facing into the darkness, in despair of ever finding a way out. Thank you for shining the light of hope to help guide us out of the pit!
Love and love!
This part makes me so sad: “Especially when the minister of our church told me the sad news, that it WAS ENTIRELY MY OWN FAULT. I believed him; he said it was completely my fault that my husband and kids do not want me anymore.” Why do people do that? And good for you for realizing that “when I thought about it afterwards, the man of religion did more bad than good”
I absolutely love this:
Another very good way to describe the four stages is:
1: Use and Live
2: Live to Use
3: Use to Live
4: Use to Die
Again, I am crying for you: “People said I acted like a crazy attention-seeking woman who drinks too much, swallow pills like candy and do nothing else but sleep all day long.”
And here I am cheering so hard for you: “What I did know was that I would have to fight for my home family to take me back. Even if it meant I would have to fight inside myself with myself.” And for this, too: “I decided to try to feel good every day.”
This is fantastic: “How can you get back hope? How can you regain what you have lost?
- We were feeling DESPAIR and were going to have to replace that with REPAIR.
-Where we were DESPONDENT (hopeless, nowhere to go from here), we were going to be RESPONDENT - (where you were not communicating, you must now start communicating.)
-We were DESTITUTE but we must have RESTITUTION. Restitution is a swing around, a turn around to have a goal in your life again.
(I think everybody in that group needed to have a goal in life again and the most important goal was to get healthy and accepted again.)
A good acronym for HOPE:
H- Hang
O- Onto
P- Positive
E- Energy
This is so sweet: “My luggage consisted of two bananas and a raincoat in a small school suitcase”
This is a great book title: “You never know in the madhouse.”
Another great phrase: “the outburst of the monster.”


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