Awful to Awesome June 1, 2013
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I do not have any of the disorders that Hanli talks about in her book but I have family members and other friends that do. That is why I read the book. I am NOT disappointed, in fact, far from it! I understand so much better now what people like Hanli suffer, what they fear, what they hope for and reading her personal story has helped me in a personal way also. It is amazing how so many of us in this world suffer at the hands of friends and family, not just strangers. We CAN take our LIFE back! WE have the power! I love Hanli's use of the acronyms to 'HOPE' and as stress management to 'TASTE LIFE!' I also love her diary form of writing and the positive gems that she learned along the way! I believe that this book could help other innocent people know what things to look out for in life that could put them in harms ways. Ignorance is NOT bliss! Thank you Hanli for this heartfelt treasure! I will definitely recommend your book and I hope you continue climbing those stairs to success and happiness! hugs, Ann

And from another friend:  C.L. P  - Thanks
Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. You ARE awesome!! Beyond any doubt!!
This book is sure to strike a familiar chord with anyone who has suffered with bipolar disorder. Your journey is an inspiration to all who are facing into the darkness, in despair of ever finding a way out. Thank you for shining the light of hope to help guide us out of the pit!
Love and love!

Here is part 2:
This part makes me so sad: “Especially when the minister of our church told me the sad news, that it WAS ENTIRELY MY OWN FAULT. I believed him; he said it was completely my fault that my husband and kids do not want me anymore.” Why do people do that? And good for you for realizing that “when I thought about it afterwards, the man of religion did more bad than good”
I absolutely love this:
Another very good way to describe the four stages is:
1: Use and Live
2: Live to Use
3: Use to Live
4: Use to Die
Again, I am crying for you: “People said I acted like a crazy attention-seeking woman who drinks too much, swallow pills like candy and do nothing else but sleep all day long.”
And here I am cheering so hard for you: “What I did know was that I would have to fight for my home family to take me back. Even if it meant I would have to fight inside myself with myself.” And for this, too: “I decided to try to feel good every day.”

Here is part 3:
This is fantastic: “How can you get back hope? How can you regain what you have lost?
- We were feeling DESPAIR and were going to have to replace that with REPAIR.
-Where we were DESPONDENT (hopeless, nowhere to go from here), we were going to be RESPONDENT - (where you were not communicating, you must now start communicating.)
-We were DESTITUTE but we must have RESTITUTION. Restitution is a swing around, a turn around to have a goal in your life again.
(I think everybody in that group needed to have a goal in life again and the most important goal was to get healthy and accepted again.)
A good acronym for HOPE:
H- Hang
O- Onto
P- Positive
E- Energy
This is so sweet: “My luggage consisted of two bananas and a raincoat in a small school suitcase”
This is a great book title: “You never know in the madhouse.”
Another great phrase: “the outburst of the monster.”

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