Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dream with open eyes

Some days I'm still in awe about my  life. No, I do not want to brag or anything, but with all the bad stuff behind me I try to make the most of each day.
My husband worked for three years on his dream plane. He built it from a kit that he imported from the US. There is even some of my work in the plane - I helped with the riveting - Yes we stood by each other and we helped where we could. He did this project in the evenings and weekends. And when he finished in September of 2012 it was Awesome.
 Although I do not go with flying as often as I would have liked to, I still get my turn and it is GREAT- that is why I made the video's - I have more of these but I think this one is fine for now. Oh and the reason I do not go with as much - is because my son is getting first option to go with whenever Niel goes flying. He says it because he will be leaving home the end of this year as he is finishing high school.

Ps. My book is with reviewers and I will soon be able to tell when it will be available!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it a lot!