Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hallo. I'm Awesome

AND you are AWESOME TOO if you found my blog

This is  my newest blog. I am in an Awesome mood, the reason being that I finished my book last week. However finished means that it is only the story that is done, now it is time for editing, proofing and designing a cover. I want to do the cover myself. I had experience designing ads for newspapers and I think my experience  as an artist and as the person that  wrote the book  makes me the right person for the job!

I love my rock garden

I spent the last three months getting so much inspirations from a lot of people online especially the TC-group.  I want to have somewhere to share my great ideas and also brain inspiration. Maybe this will end up being my WRITERS BLOG

I also just did a 21-day meditation challenge ( the Oprah & Deepak Meditation) and that was AWESOME. I will try and tell a little more about how I started to meditate and how it helped me heal

The bipolar disorder is always somewhere nearby and I have to keep fighting the monster because sometimes it starts grinding at me again. For the past three years. I've kept the worst away by focusing on good things and keeping busy. I've educated myself and I will share some of my insights on that too

I started walking , with my pets every day and I'll be sharing a few of those video's -

What is is that made me Awesome- The moment I eventually got it into my head, that I create my own life by my thoughts. Think you are awesome and you will be.More on the book to follow soon

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  1. Good for you Hanli. That is always step one. To take responsibility. No one loves or cares for you as much as YOU. So be there for YOU. Way to go!!!