Thursday, 9 May 2013

No excuse not to get Awful to Awesome! Pay any way you like

Awful to Awesome  - A lot of different ways to pay for your copy!

You are going to cry when you read it and you are going to cry if you don't read it. So its better to read it and cry  (and then be happy) than to cry for no reason.

Paypal or payfast, credit cards, EFT, Mobile phone ( mimoney), Ucash (vouchers available from retailers worldwide)

You can purchase the e-book via paypal,
 and now also via payfast with  credit cards (visa & mastercard)

To buy the e-book ( PDF only)

$9.50 on the  BUY NOW BUTTON (paypal)  --->>>>>>

to pay in South African Rand:

R 80.00 via the Payfast button ------->>>>>

With the payfast button,  you can choose to pay via :

Credit cards (visa & mastercard)

Internet banking ( EFT), 


Mimoney is a virtual currency, which allows users to make cashless and cardless internet purchases. It is a great way for those who don't have bank accounts or credit cards to shop online. It is a currency that resides on mobile phones, enabling individuals to buy from merchants or transfer to other individuals, without the need for a bank account.
mimoney is a secure mobile payment method supported by Standard Bank.
Read more here if you are uncertain.


Ukash is a voucher based payment system with which buyers can make online payments without the need for a bank account or a credit card.
Vouchers can be purchased at thousands of retail outlets around the world.
Read more about Ucash on payfast here:

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